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i miss you


released March 8, 2014

Nick Jones: bass/vocals
Micah Jordan: drums/vocals
Adam Smith: guitar/vocals
Nicky Paul: Guitar

Lyrics for tracks 1, 3, 4, and 5 by Micah
Lyrics for track 2 by Adam

recorded by Micah in his bedroom

mixed by Nicky and Micah

mastered by Nicky

Cassette by NOG Records:



all rights reserved


So Much for Best Friends Henderson, Kentucky

A Violent Western Kentucky Skramz band.

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Track Name: deadfriends
Nick: So this is how you let it end
petty bullshit I could mend
but you don't want me to do you
I guess I couldn't see right through you

I guess it's okay though
that i've been left once again
you aren't the 1st one to leave
so much for best friends

I know i'll always wonder
why this always happens
but i guess i get used to it
being hurt by all that care

Nick and Micah: you'd comfort me sometimes
when I felt so alone
I'll never forget that
But i swear it hurts me

Micah: but I'll never forget you
I guess I don't have to
just stay the fuck out of my head
I already wish i was dead

I guess my mind stays in one place now
but it's not the best place to be
you said you'd always love me
and i guess i wonder how

now i daydream of old times
and how things used to be
when we thought we needed eachother
now i'm not sure why i believed you

Nick and Micah: I guess you never lied
i know you still love me
but why the fuck do i feel like
i've been betrayed by my best friend

Adam: But will you still think of me
as often as i'll think of you
i considered you my brother
that i never got to have

Adam, Nick, Nicky, and Micah: and it's easy to live for nothing
when everyone always leaves you
and remember that no matter what
this hurts me too

this hurts me too
losing you
Track Name: Between The Lies
Nick: My mind
wraithing in silence the streams of thought on constant loop.
every single word we spoke to eachother haunting my mind day and night
dear god, what the hell went wrong? something somewhere soiled it all
my only wish, my only desire and prayer is just one more fucking chance to get this right

Adam: Because I know she said
Did you ever even fucking care about me or maybe it was just another
god damn lie that you spewed from your mouth.
I know there must have been some damned truth in those words
there must have been some truth, in between the lies

Micah: My heart sinks every time I see your face it reminds me of what we had and what I destroyed
I can't help but imagine what would've happened how it would've turned out if I had never fucking left
As I drown in the mire of thoughts, your face appears even in my sleep, I hear your voice and it
eases the pain. I see us sitting on my bed alone, we embrace.

Nicky: If only it were real
God damn, I never meant for it to end like this
I was misguided and thought my actions were right
You were right, it was a mistake all

Adam: and for that my dear, i'm sorry

I fucked it up it's my own god damn fault What were you
thinking? What. Were. You. Thinking?
Track Name: Tombstone Piledriver
Adam: I guess I'm alone now
and I'm not sure that will change
I hate myself more everyday
why can't I just walk away

Nick: I grow increasingly sick
of facing all these facts
while i'm left alone
I'm left so alone

Adam: what's wrong with my head now
did you really do this to me
I don't know how I feel
I just wish this wasn't how it had to be

Adam, Nick, Nicky, Micah: does everyone eventually want to kill themselves too
why am I stuck here thinking of only you

Adam and Micah: I'm sorry I fucked this up
I can't handle this end
if we never speak again
never forget, how we met (2x)

Micah: I hope i'm okay some day
I know i shouldn't feel this way
but i can't think straight
about anything

Nick and Adam: and I see your face
In everything
I can't believe
how badly this ended up

Adam, Nick, Nicky, and Micah: I shouldn't feel this way
and I should have no problem thinking straight

Nick and Micah: I don't know who to blame
I know i let you go
but you left me no choice
you left me no choice
Track Name: Take Me For Granted
Adam: What happens now?
I can barely stand on my own
where will I turn when I feel alone?

Micah: I guess I'll live with the lonliness
If I had a choice, I couldn't tell you what it would be
But I know i'm sick of living this way

Nick: I know i'm sick of all this meaningless pain
I doubt i'll ever give up
as much as I know i probably should

Micah: everytime i stood there
figurative gun to my head
I could never say fuck this shit
even though i'd rather be dead
every scar that isn't really there
every memory that I won't let die
I watched the light fade in your eyes
i watched my life fall apart

Adam: my mind is in the deepest hole
i dream of nothing anymore
will i ever admit that you're a whore
i can't live with this in my head

Nick: why am i too scared to make it all stop

Adam: figurative gun to my head

Nick and Micah: i'll hang myself from my hopes and dreams
with a noose made out of reality
Track Name: "And If You Go, I Wanna Go With You, And If You Die, I Wanna Die With You"
Micah: Do you still think about that week?
We'd never been so close
do you remember that saturday
when you got fucked up

Nick: I carried you home
or halfway at least
you were left alone
passed out

Adam: you called me that night
crying, still drunk i think
telling me you hated what you've done
that you were so sorry

Micah: that i had no idea
how amazing i was
for always being there
being the only one

Nick: It's so hard to believe
so many fuckings things
when promises always break
and i live in my dreams

Nick and Micah: when I saw you next(saw you next)
the scars(scars) tore me apart(apart)
I swear I would've given my life
to have been there with you that night
and i can't say(can't say)
that i still feel the same(the same)
but i still miss you(miss you)
Track Name: deadfriends acoustic